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Sponsor a Kiddush

Kiddush Sponsorship

Sponsoring a Kiddush for your simcha is easy! Beth El will provide wine, challah, white linens, and servers.  

Pricing is based on a Kiddush that will serve 50 people. Simply choose one of the sponsorship options listed below and call the Beth El office at 330-864-2105 x110 to arrange the date of your choice.  Your sponsorship will be recognized from the Bimah and listed in the weekly Shabbat flyer.

Option Description Price
Nibbles Pastry, hard boiled eggs, green salad, nuts, dried or seasonal fruit, gefilte fish balls with horseradish, herring, hummus with chips or vegetables. Coffee and/or tea. $100
Kiddush #1 Nibbles plus bagels & cream cheese and choice of two of the following cold salad items: Egg salad, tuna salad, pasta salad, couscous/orange/apple salad, or tabouli. $225
Kiddush #2 Kiddush #1 plus one additional cold salad item and choice of one of the following hot items: vegetable/herbed quiche, plain or fruited kugel, blintz souffle. $400
Lox Platter  Lox, tomato, and onion platter can be added to Kiddush #1 or Kiddush #2 for an additional cost. $115


NOTE: Kiddush sponsorship can be split between congregants. If you are anticipating a crowd greater than 50, we suggest working with one of our approved caterers. Please note that in working with our caterers, to plan on 40 people as our synagogue regulars.

Join the Beth El Kiddush Club

For a $50 donation, you will become a member of the Kiddush Club and your contribution goes towards the weekly (non-sponsored Nibbles) Shabbat Kiddush. Donations to the Kiddush Club will be acknowledged in the weekly Shabbat flyer.

Oneg Sponsorship
Onegs happen on Friday nights following services. Onegs consist of fruit and pastries. Cost for an oneg sponsorship is $250. Sponsorship can be split between parties.

Sat, November 26 2022 2 Kislev 5783